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Since there are no new coupons this weekend, we are going to be filling the orders that came in this past weekend and then we won't be filling again until next Monday. So, all orders placed now will be filled after the Christmas holiday is behind us. Thanks. ENJOY your Christmas break! --Rachael

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  About Us

My name is Rachael Woodard. I manage The Coupon Clippers.

I'm glad that you decided to come to our web site and check it out! I hope you'll be delighted and enjoy looking through all that we have to offer.
Just a little about me: I am "My Kid's Mom", but I also happen to run this business out of my home. It makes for a very busy life here, but I thoroughly enjoy it. Six of us live in this house, where we have built a mother-in-law apartment so my MIL could live with us. However, she passed away unexpectedly in March of 2009. My husband, Ken, is pastor of Temple Baptist Church, a small independent Baptist Church in Dade City. We have considered ourselves as church planters and with it comes a small salary. Hence, the need for a job for me!

We have four children, two of whom I am still homeschooling. Sarah, age 22, just graduated from Bob Jones University, majoring in Family and Consumer Science. She is spending her summer at The Anchorage Christian Camp in NC. Andy, 20, is a junior at  Bob Jones University and is finally going to get his fill of music. He is majoring in Bible and spending the summer of 2011 on the Musical Ministry team, singing and playing the trumpet all over Europe with a team of 27 others who enjoy ministering in music. Peter, 18, is a senior in high school and delights in coming up with witty sayings on a regular basis. Steven, 16, is my techno genius, knowing just enough to make him dangerous!!  Each of my kids is unique and has made a wonderful contribution to the Woodard household. Each one has learned to work hard through TCC. Home-schooling is a real joy to me, though it's HARD WORK for me, as the mom, because, even though we use BJU Distance Learning, it seems to be all on my shoulders as to how well the kids do. But, I love having the kids around and they are a huge help here at TCC.

Well, that's about it for us. If you want to share a little something about your life, go ahead, on your first order. I try to get to know you and enjoy this very much! Life can get hectic and if you try to call sometimes and get a busy signal, chances are, I'm trying to take a respite from all the busyness of everything and take a breather! If that happens, just email me your order, I'll get it. No need to call, really. The emails are fed to us continuously throughout the day through the use of a DSL line! Every ten minutes, 24/7, I have them fed into my In Box!

Have a good day! Enjoy it! Spend your money wisely! Invest in coupons. Your money will double and triple and quadruple itself! After all, our goal here is to promote being a wise steward....and certainly careful shopping with coupons is a wonderful way to be a wise steward and hence, to glorify the Lord! Have a great day!

Rachael Woodard

Emma Tillman does most of the cutting.

Margaret fills the A-C coupons.

Cheryl fills the L-R coupons

Cara fills the S-Z coupons.
Marsha handles a lot of the taping responsibilities..




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